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Insulated GlassInsulated GlassInsulated GlassInsulated Glass

Insulated Glass

Also known as: Sealed window units, Double pane windows, Double glazed units, Sealed Glass Units, Replacement dual pane window units

This product consists of two panes of tempered glass separated by a spacer. The space between the two panes of glass is filled with air. These are most often used in residential window applications. Custom made to your specifications


Insulating glass was primarily designed to protect glazed areas from excessive heat loss or gain. During the summer, this glass blocks the sun's heat from entering into the interior. In the winter, it prevents indoor heat from escaping outside. Basically, insulating glass is truly an eco-friendly glazing option


Insulating glass units, or IGUs, are designed to keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. An insulating glass unit commonly consists of two (sometimes more) panes of glass separated by a spacer material and sealed together at the edge.

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