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Production Capacity

Production Capacity

Thickness Range

For Glass: 2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,19mm

For Mirror:3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm

Processing Size Range

For Glass:Min. 70mm- Max. 3000mm

For Mirror:Min. 70mm- Max. 2500mm

Material Range

For Glass: Clear,Low iron,Black Tinted,Bronze Tinted,Grey Tinted,Textured/Pattern and more

For Mirror: Silver Mirror,Copper-free Mirror,Tempered Mirror,Antique Mirror,Color Mirror

Edgeworks(Polished or Grinded)

For Glass: Flat Edge,Pencil Edge,Beveled Edge(Up to 30mm),OG Edge,Convex Edge,Shell Edge and more

For Mirror: Flat Edge,Pencil Edge,Bevel Edge(Up to 30mm)

Processing Abilities

(1) Edging:Be able to Polish or Grind all edgeworks on request.

(2) Bevelling:Be able to make beveled size up to 30mm for thickness from 4mm to 19mm

(3) CNC:Our ability of CNC cutting and CNC polishing allow us to meet customers’diverse requirements on the sizes,shapes,accuracy.

(4) Tempering

Thickness range:2mm-19mm

Size range: Min.70mm to Max.3000mm

(5) Frosting/Sandblasting:Fully or designed pattern

(6) Back Printing/Painting:Any colors or designed patterns.High-temperature or low-temperature silkscreen printing for your options.

(7) UV Bonding:Metal to glass/mirror or glass to glass

(8) Bending/Curving:Custom designs are always welcome for discusstion

(9) Drilling/Water-Jet cutting:Any sizes of holes or cut-out for shower doors,mirrors,furniture glass and much more.

(10) Laminating:Can make Min.200mm to Max.3000mm in sizes for your products

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