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Acid Etched GlassAcid Etched GlassAcid Etched Glass

Acid Etched Glass

The Acid-etched Glass,also know as Frosted Glass, is produced by acid etching on one side of the glass and widely used for furnitures,architecture and decoration.

GGP is able to make any custom pattern etching on the glass or mirror products.

Specification Range:

1.Thickness Range:2mm - 19mm

2.Processing Size Range:Min.100 - Max.2500mm

Acid-etched Glass Advantages

1.Semi-transparent/smoked surface for privacy or decoration

2.Consistent finish and appearance

3.Maintenance free

4.More resistant and smoother than sandblasted glass

5.Does not peel or discolor or scratch off like printing


1.Shower Screen

2.All-Glass Entrances,Interior Partitions,Storefronts and Exterior Window Walls

3.Canopies and Skylights

4.Furniture:Table Tops,Display/Showcases,Cabinets,Wardrobe Doors,Wall Shelving and more.